About ShortChanged.co.uk

Warning & Disclaimer

This website is provided for informational purposes only and no warranty to its accuracy or timeliness is either given or implied. The short selling information shown here is provided by the FCA's Short Position Spreadsheet. Neither ShortChanged.co.uk nor its owner are authorised or regulated by the FCA and nothing on this website may be construed as investment advice. This website was last updated Fri, 25-Nov-2016 at 18:30, showing short positions disclosed up to and including Fri, 25-Nov-2016.

Short Selling Regulations

On the 1st Nov 2012, the FCA introduced the Short Selling Regulations.

These regulations require that most short sellers disclose their positions, when they reach a specified percentage threshhold of the Issued Share Capital of the instrument that has been short sold.

At the time of writing, the threshold is 0.5%.

For more information on the Short Selling Regulations, visit the FCA website.

What is ShortChanged.co.uk

The purpose of creating ShortChanged.co.uk was more to do with an investigation in to the creation of a data-generated website, than it was about companies that have been short sold on the London Stock Exchange (LSE). I hope you find this site interesting, and please feel free to contact me if you have any questions or suggestions.

ShortChanged.co.uk uses its own lightweight HTML Framework that employs the great Twitter Bootstrap framework. Everything to do with the automatic building of the website is achieved using Talend Open Studio.